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Apex Minigrab

Apex Minigrab

Price: 72.00 / 82.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


For a long time using cheaper digital cameras with a microscope and a computer has not been quite as straightforward as some suppliers have claimed. Mainly because of differences between computers that has produced difficulties with the drivers needed to get these cameras to work. No more. The minigrab is completely driverless and now correctly belongs to the 'plug and play' group of products. You simply plug the camera lead into a USB2.0 port on your laptop or PC (sadly not suitable for MAC at the moment) and it will be recognised and installed by your laptop/computer in exactly the same way as a memory stick. You can then display the images from your microscope in any video software you already have on your computer or use the Minisee software supplied with the camera. You can take video clips and still images (as jpegs) and store these on your computer. The Minigrab will fit all of the microscopes in the Apex range. An ingenious accessory at an exceptional price. Microscope in picture is Apex Practitioner, not included with the minigrab

- Normally £88 - £16 off for a limited time!
- This camera makes it easy to display microscope images on a laptop or PC
- This camera fits into the eye tube of any low or high power microscope
- Completely driverless - so simply 'plug and play'
- The pictures show the camera attached to an Apex Practitioner microscope, which of course has to be purchased separately.