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Apex iScope

Apex iScope

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Innovation in microscopy doesn't happen every day, but the Apex Iscope is just that. How often have photographers wanted to get their cameras up close and personal to tiny objects only to find they can't focus on them. The Iscope can! There are two ways of looking at it. It is either a camera that can magnify up to x200 or it is a microscope that can act as its own camera. On this occasion both are right. The Iscope has a 1/3 inch colour CMOS chip that provides images up to 5M through a series of lower options. It will take still images or record video clips. The Iscope is constructed to look in many ways just like an ordinary digital camera. It has the usual controls and a large 3.5'' live view screen. It is the lens system that makes the difference. It will focus right up to your subject - 0mm! and it has brightness controlled built in LED lights with the added twist of infra red LED's that allow the camera to see in the dark! Depending on the distance the camera is held from the subject it will give a magnification of x10 to x100, and on top of this there is a x4 digital zoom giving a total potential of x800. All the usual camera menu options are there including anti camera shake, white balance, auto exposure etc. Images are recorded on an SD card and downloaded to a computer by USB just like an ordinary camera. In addition there is a corded remote control that can operate both the shutter and LED brightness without the risk of camera shake. The camera unit comes complete with focus aide blocks and a very neat carrying case.